An Australian product which is prepared from a special extract of pharmaceutical grade fish oil, which is gaining increasing recognition as a necessary dietary supplement of pregnant and lactating women.

Modern dietary habits of these women normally only supply less than 15% of the required intake of the Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), Omega-3 DHA/EPA, causing an imbalance in the nutritional intake. This results in the deprivation of DHA, the most important Fatty Acids for the development of the foetus/baby’s brain and retina. Dhaxtra Softgel helps work towards filling this lack of DHA.

Dhaxtra Softgel is a highly purified extract of higher grade fish oil, fortified with appropriate additions of Arachidonic acid, Oleic Acid, and Vitamin E. The result is a virtually flavorless and odourless but powerful dietary supplement especially catered to suit the dietary needs of pregnant and lactating women.

In the preparation of EPAX ® 1050 formulation, which is the main ingredient of Dhaxtra Softgel, meticulous steps have been taken to ensure high consumption standards. EPAX ® 1050 has been approved by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use in Australia’s complementary medical products.

EPAX ® continues to set new purity standards by lowering the acceptable level of dioxins, furans, and dioxide-like PCB’s in its Omega-3 concentrates by their patented “ultrapurification” technology to reduce contaminants to benchmark standards. Their Purity Concept goes beyond measuring for pollutants only. They now include oxidation parameters as well as values for trans fats in their product specifications. Both are important to measure and control in order to ensure optimal oil quality for the end consumer.

DHAXTRA SOFTGEL - Providing optimal levels of DHA while virtually eliminating all the impurities contaminants and other pollutants that normally go along with fish oil.