Singapore is well known for her multiculturalism, with peoples of diverse races and religions living together. Therefore, having our headquarters located strategically in Singapore gives positively significant advantages to Pharmatech, in respect of the Asian region. We have a good understanding of the various Asian cultures. Thus, we are growing continually more adept at designing the most effective ways to ensure a snug fit in the Asian context for our products, and market them using unique, refreshing and most appropriate selling platforms.

Our Regulatory Affairs Department consists of a panel of directors, all of whom are key opinion leaders in their own respective fields. Our organizational structure ensures prompt marketing feedback from our directors, which is immediately used to fine-tune the sales approach thereafter, including the further widening of the reach of the products by more and/or alternative uses of the products, as well as other possible target groups to increase marketability.

Friendly, presentable and persuasive, our team of dedicated pharmaceutical sales representatives is proficient and maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times. We provide our representatives with continuous training both regular and periodical to ensure that they are kept abreast with the latest medical developments with respect to the products we represent and promote.

We carry our meticulous planning and review of our management tasks in the areas of physician targeting, sales force size and structure, sales force optimization, call planning and sales force effectiveness, so as to maximize and achieve optimal end results. Eventually, we aim for every physician to be familiar with all the products that we proudly market.