Pharmatech Resources (FE) Pte Ltd, started out in 2002 with a vision of reaching our mass market with low cost medication and serving our community and build strong bonds with healthcare professionals in understanding with needs of our patients.

Since 2002, Pharmatech Resources (FE) Pte Ltd has grown from an initial two- member team to its current strength of thirty members. Currently, we have several influences which includes China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Headquarter in Singapore enables us to have a good understanding of various Asian cultures. Thus, we are growing continually more adept at designing the most effective ways to ensure a snug fit in the Asian context for our products, and market those using unique, refreshing and most appropriate selling platforms.

Organisation Are Its People

Our Regulatory Affairs Department consists of a panel of directors, all of whom are key opinion leaders, in their own respective fields.

Our organizational structure ensures prompt marketing feedback from our directors, which is immediately used to fine-tune the sales approach thereafter including the further widening of the reach of the products by more and/or alternative uses of the products, as well as other possible target groups to increase marketability.

Our Dedicated Sales Representatives who:

– are friendly, presentable and persuasive, are proficient, and well trained and kept abreast with the latest medical developments
– segregated into 3 segments namely restricted/government hospitals, private medical specialists and general practitioners.
– are trained to effectively communicate competitive advantages of our products to others, build rapport with doctors and nurses, effectively and timely visits to ensure products are well stocked and deal with any issues pertaining to our products
– each of our sales representative are made to cover 250 doctors to ensure timely repeats on visits to the clinics

Our Growth

Our strength in marketing “me too” products has been exceptional over the years, proven by our 4 different types of pregnancy fish oil.

Within a two year period, we climbed from a mere 10% market share to 85% market share 3 years ago, and have been maintaining around 85% to 95% since then.

We strongly believe in brand building and segregating market segments to allow our team of medical representatives to better and more effectively deal with medical professionals, namely doctors and nurses. It is apparent in our sales that it is this attribute that has made us number 1 in this product in particular per say.

Our range of products ranging from OEM Supplements, Probiotics to Skin Care. With our strength in the private sectors, we are looking into advancing our strength to the General Practice segment. Partnering with Advanced Medi Mart has given us the chance to prove our worthiness and achieve a better homogenous marketing.

We also have consistently taken the same strategy through our products from a not- known situation to one of the market leaders of present. We also have round table talks regularly with doctors and nurses over lunches to keep them abreast and ourselves about competitive advantages.

The essence of success in marketing is often due to the people that is running the product. Product advantages and pricing are no-doubt factors to affect marketing but often, not the determining factors for success.

Our Message for you

We are confident that we can take your products to the next level if given a chance.

We even regularly organize doctors’ incentive trips overseas to allow further enhancing medical knowledge with experts of various fields in the latest Continuing Medical Education (CME) and further enhancing doctors to reps socially. This usually happens with our top producers in prescription.

Targets are given by product to our medical representatives to ensure that all products are not forgotten in our Pharmatech range. The incentives are created by product to ensure that all products are concentrated in our range and we do not duplicate similar ingredients with other suppliers. We usually only take one.

Our CEO and Chairman always holds close discussions with our Managing Director and General Manager to brainstorm on the latest possible strategies to enhance, as marketing is the heartbeat of this organization. Our organizational structures do not hinder quick response to market conditions and we are quick to alter directions for better market penetration.

Hence, we look forward to join hands with our partners in taking products to the top with the best of our abilities.