Pharma Resources PHILIPPINES INC. is now operating in Philippines.
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Pharmatech Resources Sdn. Bhd. has been established to conduct and manage their operations in Malaysia.
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Pharmatech welcomes all suppliers from all parts of the world, to transact their businesses and products with or through us. We are confident of taking up accounts covering biomedical and other pharmaceutical products, and to offer innovative distribution solutions.

We pride ourselves as a one-stop provider, having a proven network of customer outlets and promotional expertise besides offering logistics, regulatory affairs, infrastructure and other related services, sufficient to efficiently market our clients’ products in Asia.

We strongly believe in our clients, and hold firm faith in the immense benefits their products will deliver to our physicians, and ultimately, patient consumers.

Pharmatech insists upon and maintains high standards in respect of safety of products for consumption and ensures adequate product information to our physicians and consumers, in the hope of providing optimum patient care and good health.